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Generally, hike meet-up is at 8:00am on the day of hike.  Meet-up for hikes on Mt. Graham and east of Safford is at the main gate of the Graham County Fairgrounds.  Hikes west of Safford will meet-up at the Pima Town Hall parking lot in Pima, Arizona. From the meet-up point carpools are organized and driving directions are shared.

Check the calendar below for dates of future hikes or download our calendar of events by clicking on this link: 


Scheduled Hikes & Events


McEniry Tunnel   December 3rd

We will be setting out to find a tunnel at the base of Mt. Graham—sometimes called McEniry Tunnel or the Triumph Tunnel.

The history of the tunnel follows one of the great land swindles in Arizona.  The town of Spenazuma was part of an elaborate swindle by an east coast con man, Richard C. Flower, to sell shares in the Spenazuma Mining Company. In 1898, Flower bought some mining claims in the Black Rock area near Klondike and laid out the town site of Spenazuma, He sold shares in eastern states on the pretense that the Spenazuma Mining Company owned gold mines of immense value.

The swindle collapsed after an investigation by Arizona Republic in 1899. The town was quickly deserted.  But his protégé Thomas McEniry surfaced about 30 miles down the road in Graham County to construct his own mining swindle and construct the McEniry Tunnel at the base of Mt. Graham.

Also known as the Triumph Tunnel, McEniry sold shares in the water company to local people in Pima, but the main shares for gold and silver were sold to investors possibly in Pennsylvania. The tunnel would first collect water which would be stored in a reservoir and sold to local farmers. And secondly, he would mine gold and silver as he tunneled into the mountain. McEniry hired a crew, provided housing (possibly tents), meals, and began construction. At the end of a month the construction boss ran out of money and McEniry had disappeared ---with the rest of the money. McEniry had planned an elaborate scam and pulled it off.

We will meet-up at 8am in the parking lot of the Pima Town Hall.  We will drive south of Pima towards the tunnel.  Once the road become too rough, we will park and walk the remaining distance.  Roundtrip should be approximately 4 miles.  High clearance vehicles will be needed to access the area.  Bring a flashlight!

Goat Hill   December 17th

Goat Hill is an  archeological site  which was once a 35-room masonry pueblo  with a D-shaped kiva in its center.  Archeologist date the occupation from 1275 to 1315 A.D.  The site sits on a high promontory near the base of the Pinaleno Mountains near Lefthand Canyon. Little remains of the pueblo, but hikers can still see the layout of the site on the ground.  The setting is marked by a spectacular view of the Gila River and Safford Basin to the north.  

This hike is a moderate 6 mile round trip hike.  Hikers are required to walk through a sandy wash then make a gradual uphill walk to the small mesa. 
We will meet-up at 8am in the parking lot of Pima Town Hall.  This is a desert hike, so make sure to bring plenty of water and your snacks and lunch.


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