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Generally, hike meet-up is at 8:00am on the day of hike.  Meet-up for hikes on Mt. Graham and south of Safford is at the main gate of the Graham County Fairgrounds.  Hikes west of Safford will meet-up at the Pima Town Hall parking lot in Pima, Arizona. Hikes east of Safford will meet-up at DRG Technology parking lot (300 E 4th St. next to Safford Bowling Alley.)   From the meet-up point carpools are organized and driving directions are shared.

Note:  Due to recent fires and flooding in southeastern Arizona, our calendar is constantly changing.  Check below for most current information.
Scheduled Hikes & Events 

Cottonwood Canyon 
Dec. 2, 2017
Easy Moderate 4-5 miles.

This is a very interesting spot located between Duncan, AZ and Lordsburg, NM.  However...there are some small hurdles to overcome on this hike.
First, it is down a long, sandy wash, so this requires vehicles worthy of the trek--high clearance truck or SUV.  Carpooling will be provided for others.  Remember to bring a few dollars to help drivers out with gas expense.  We will drive down the was a couple of miles and hike the last couple into the canyon.

Second, you need to wade across the ankle deep Gila River, so break out your water shoes, sandals, TEVAs, flip flops, or cheap tennies.  (It is not a good idea to plan on wading across the river in hiking shoes.  Your wet shoes will collect sand and destroy you feet as you walk out.)   We will change shoes at the water's edge and change back on the other side.
Don't forget the usual water; this is exposed desert hiking.  Bring your lunch and snacks, sun protection, and water worthy shoes.

Cochise Stronghold
Dec. 16, 2017
Moderate 6 miles

Rincon Spring
Jan. 6, 2018 
Moderate 5 miles

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