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Who we are
The Gila Valley Hiking Club (GVHC) is a group of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life who share the personal enjoyment of hiking. Visitors are always welcome to hike with us. If you enjoy hiking with our club, we encourage you to become a paid member.   Annual dues are $10 per person or $15 per family of four with $3 per each additional family member.  Guests are welcome at events for $3 per event. There are advantages to being a member of the Gila Valley Hiking Club:
  • Participation in all activities of the Hiking Club
  • Detail info on upcoming hikes in your e-mailbox
  • Club pays any required fees
  • Use of club's resources
  • Eligibility to vote in all Hiking Club elections and business matters
The best way to join the club is to request a membership application and liability form at gilavalleyhikingclub@gmail.com  OR download it below. Fill it out, sign it, and bring it, along with $$ for your dues, to any club hike, meeting, or other activity.   OR  mail your applications and payment to Gila Valley Hiking Club, PO Box 33, Thatcher, Arizona 85552.  
General meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at the US Forest Service Building on the corner of 14th Ave and 8th Street in Safford at 6pm. (But check the calendar because we avoid conflicts with holidays!)  Details of upcoming events, hiking tips are shared, and club business are handled during the 1 hour meeting.

Information on our next hike or activity can be found on "The Next Event" blog page. Hiking meet-up is shared with members by email.  If you want to hike as a guest, email us for information at gilavalleyhikingclub@gmail.com.

Join us for a hike or two to see if you'd like to become a member! Club membership is open to all. Join us in experiencing the great outdoors.

Guests attending with members are welcome.  If you would like to attend an upcoming hike but will not be attending as a guest of a member, please contact us at gilavalleyhikingclub@gmail.com   prior to the hike.  There is a $3 guest fee for each hike.

Our Code of Conduct
So to preserve the outdoors for the enjoyment of others and ensure a safe and fun hiking experience for everyone, Gila Valley Hiking members and guests will:
  • Sign the hike sign-up sheet and provide an emergency contact number.  The sign-up sheet includes a Waiver of Liability.
  • Bring cell phone is available.
  • Conduct himself/herself in such a manner as not to impair the safety, health or enjoyment of others.
  • Be prepared by bring food, water, clothing, and equipment which is appropriate for each outing.
  • Respect all public and private property.
  • Practice Leave No Trace guidelines--Carry out litter, including apple cores, banana skins, and orange peels.
  • Preserve wildlife and not contaminate any water supply.
  • Hike with a buddy; do not go solo.
  • Stay on planned route; do not go cross-country or take a short cut.
  • Notify someone if you have to leave the trail for a nature call.  Please leave your backpack, coat or something on the trail.  This lets the sweep know that someone is missing.
  • Not bring or consume alcohol or illegal substances at club activities; smoking is not allowed outside of vehicles.

Application/Liability Release forms:

The link below will allow you to print out an application and liability release.  Complete the required information, include annual dues and snail-mail it us.  (Dues will be used for purchasing 1st Aid kits and radios for use by hiking club members.)

New Member Application

Calendar of Events

The link below will allow you to print out our current calendar of events.  Details for the hike can be obtained by emailing us at: gilavalleyhikingclub@gmail.com  

Winter Spring 2018 Calendar

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